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Quotes About Happiness

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You’ve reached the best place to find Quotes About Happiness online. We hope that you find this site useful, if not inspirational. It’s hard not to thumb through the pages of this site and not feel inspired.

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The quotes on the site are from famous philosophers, Presidents, inventors, authors, and yes, some unknown authors too. Happy quotes are a good way to brighten up your day, lift your spirits, get you motivated, and bring good health. So, we might be stretching here a bit, but why not dream big? We do and we hope you do too.

The people pictured above are an inspiration to us. They were more than happy to pose for us–completely random! It’s the little things like this that really make our day.

What are some times that really made you happy? For me, I think about some great sporting events I attended. Or even watching on television–some of the great sportscasters have given some great quotes. One that comes to mind is Gus Johnson (like in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercials). I also love the passion that Kevin Harlan brings. Nothing beats a game winning shot in basketball.

I also love hiking. One of my favorite hikes is the Misty Way Trail at Yosemite National Park. Climbing up the side of Vernal Fall and looking back at where you just hiked is pure bliss. Another one of my favorite hikes is at Paradise at Mount Rainier National Park. It’s incredibly beautiful with the surrounding Cascades…almost straight out of the Sound of Music or something. I loved the wildflowers too.

Photography is another passion of mine. I enjoy walking the streets and taking photos of absolutely everything. Sometimes random people will stop and strike a pose. There’s almost nothing better than that. Their happy faces are forever etched in digital format. Which I also share on Flickr.

Speaking of Flickr–a little tip for you. If you upload your photos and set the Creative Common License to allow anyone to display your work with attribution–you’ll get a lot of people using the photos (provided you give some descriptive text on the photo page). Then, you can set Google Alerts to track who has used your photo and attributed your work. Sometimes big media companies will use your photos. One of my photos was used by CNBC. Now I can say that my works have been featured by CNBC, VH1, etcetera and it gives you a lot more credibility. Talk about quotes about happiness!!

Wow, congrats for reading this far. You can tell a lot of things excite me and bring a smile to my face.

Another thing that brings me great joy are pets. I currently have two dogs and they are the best dogs in the world. They are super smart too. They’ve picked up so many words without me even training them to do so. It’s fun to see them fetch huge sticks that I throw out into the lake.

Oh, on the subject of lakes, Fallen Leaf Lake near South Lake Tahoe is stunningly beautiful. I found these huge sticks and threw them out into the lake–and my small dog would retrieve them and bring them back to me. It was so picturesque, that of course, I just had to take some pictures and video. Especially of my little wet schnoodle. He’s so adorable when he’s soaked. The lake is very secluded, and not overrun with tourists like Lake Tahoe. The lake pretty much sits at the base of the Sierra Nevadas, including Mt Tallac. (GORGEOUS!!) I can’t wait for my next hike of pure bliss there. I’m sure I’ll come up with some great quotes.

What Quotes Inspire You?

So what are the things that make you happy? Why do you search for quotes about happiness and be happy quotes? I hope it’s not because you’re depressed or unhappy. I do really hope these quotes make your day better. It’s kind of funny how popular quotes are, how they bring people some comfort or extremely insightful wisdom of sorts. Even song lyrics can power you through a rough day. I love some of the old school Foo Fighters lyrics. Really got me through some tough times.

I do encourage you to read these quotes, dream a little, and then get up and take some action. Try and do an actionable item to meet your dreams each day. If you get inspired by quotations, then maybe you can print some out and post them around your office or your bedroom. But make them actionable and doable. I believe that’s when you’ll find your true happiness. We hope you enjoy perusing our Quotes About Happiness.

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